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Providing Excellence in Flower Gardening since 2000

Aquarian Gardens provides a crew of experienced gardeners to execute each project. We offer garden and landscape services throughout the Chippewa Valley and would be happy to help with any projects you have planned for your home or office.

All products are organic or sustainable and safe for children and pets. Plant material is grown organically and sourced locally whenever possible.

We have a commitment to sustainable gardening practices and use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Plant material and landscaping supplies are sourced locally whenever possible.

Al Broadfoot
Alex Broadfoot is owner and executive manager of Aquarian Gardens. He has a bachelors in Land Use Planning and Management from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. He has gardened professionally since 1998. With nearly 20 years of gardening experince, Alex specializes in perennial flower gardens, landscaping, land use planning, ponds, water management issues, prairie restoration, rock work, retaining walls, and tree and shrub care. He has completed the S-290 Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior Certification, S-219 Firing Operations, L-190 Human Factors on the Fire line, S-190 Intro Wildland Fire Behavior, and S-130 Firefighter Certification.

Marie Kilde
Marie Kilde has been gardening professionally for over 5 years. She specializes in care for perennial gardens. She is a talented musician and singer. She plays the violin and enjoys performing at Renaissance Festivals.

Rin Kilde
Rin Kilde has been gardening with Aquarian Gardens for two years. She is a tallented musician and plays the cello. She also performs at Renaissance Festivals.